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Tips For Picking Suitable Yoga Apparel For Women

It is quite thrilling and a lot of fun to register for your first yoga class, particularly as a woman. You may be puzzled about what to put on if you have never attended a yoga class before. There are different yoga apparels out there for women, and all of these clothes serve a different purpose. 

However, finding the right sports gear to wear to a yoga practice can be a bit baffling for a woman with a lot of fits, fabrics, and brands out there.

But here are top tips for selecting the right yoga apparels for women.

1) Synthetic, Moisture Wicking Fabrics

These fabrics are a good choice for a yoga class and other rigorous workouts because they will draw the sweat out of your body and let it evaporate fast. Normally they are polyester-spandex blends, but you may also stumble on other synthetic fabrics. It will be better for you if you can get the seamless clothing, meaning that you won’t have any infuriating seams, which could cause resistance and uneasiness, in the area of your torso or down your inner leg.

2) Choose The Right Sports Bra

The right sports bra is very important when it comes to a yoga class. You need to consider certain things before you can choose a comfortable bra. For example, you will be comfortable in a standard compression bra if you are an A or B cup because they are normally the pullover style with stretchy fabric along the back and the breasts.

On the other hand, choose a bra with detaching cups for each breast – otherwise known as the encapsulation style sports bra, if you are a woman with a D cup or bigger. But you will be comfortable in any of the two types of bras mentioned above if you are a C cup.

Yoga is high impact and therefore needs a more supportive bra. Consider all these things before choosing the bra for your next yoga practice.

3) Stretchy Tops And Pants

As a woman, you need stretchy tops and pants as these materials will let you wear tight yoga pants without being limited or restricted unlike when you wear baggy clothing that will lift up at a simple bend over. It will expose the essential parts of your body like your back, stomach, and even your bra, and you will not be comfortable.

Always remember that yoga needs a lot of movement, and the clothing you wear will always make the difference. But the fact is that baggy pants and tops can obstruct you when you are performing certain poses, and the baggy pants will not allow your instructor to see your legs to determine whether you are actually doing the poses correctly, which may cause injury.

All these can be avoided when you wear stretchy material to your yoga class because you will be able to move freely without thinking about whether you will expose the vital areas of your body. 


Paying attention to the type of yoga apparels to wear will go a long way in helping you to stay focused on the yoga practice itself. Always remember that yoga requires a lot of movement that can make you sweat a lot. The right apparel will make you comfortable during the class; it will not be too loose or too tight to perform the poses conveniently. 

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