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Nourish Your Relationship With Alcohol And Partying The Right Way

When I do things, I tend to do them the “right way.” The same was applicable to the relationship with drinking and partying that I developed in college and took it out to the “real world” with me. Don’t take my advice for sacred; it is just my personal story that I’m about to share.

I’d love to state that I’ve been a health nut all my life, but that’s far from the truth. Well, it also depends on how you define a health nut. I have always worked out hard, but what went into my body hasn’t always been as “clean.”

There is also absolutely nothing wrong with having a good time and socializing with a multitude of friends. Try that this doing is not filling a void for something else missing in your life. 

It is mostly about the company you keep and the places where you hang out. For me, there was always a chance to ditch the chill, workouts, hanging out by myself with a book in hand, and cave into the invite to yet another party. Showing up at work, slightly hangover, has become more of a rule than an exception. Also, the feelings of getting ready to go to an event and dancing the night away, even though I’m far from being a terrific dancer, felt overly inviting.

During those times, even though it might sound like an oxymoron, it is essential to check in with yourself emotionally. 

Maybe the only way to get to your changed self is to change yourself. If you have a chance, even detach yourself from the toxic environment you’re in. Gradually start incorporating new healthy habits into your usual routines. If you already know a good feeling that a healthy lifestyle gives you, it can be that much easier.

Leaving the toxic environment also gives you a fresh, detoxicated start. It gives you options to set new boundaries for yourself. Start making new friends in all the right places, such as smoothie bars, fitness studios, and venues alike. Find people who have similar interests. It can be easy through yoga studios, if you’re into yoga, obviously. Heck, even use social media to connect to minds like yourself, why not? Use your better judgment, but take advantage of the options, too. Remove yourself from people who bring harmful habits to your life. You don’t have to be mean or rude about it; just decide to spend your time differently. 

Plus, when you do meet new people, and they ask you about your relationship with drinking, own it if having an alcoholic beverage is not in your plans anymore. Don’t feel pressured to drink just because others are. Also, keep things lighthearted. Make a playful joke about yourself being a granny. But when you think about it, not drinking is really not a big deal. If others should feel anything, they should be happy for you when you’re thriving. 

Don’t feel bad about how your past-self was. It is all a part of learning. As long as you know better by now, you’re doing alright. At the end of the day, you don’t need any substances to make you feel good. Just be yourself and be happy. Add that to your uniqueness, and you have one happy camper. Use the time to investigate yourself from the inside and enjoy the ride.

Alcohol is a toxin. It severely dehydrates your body, causes inflammation, and overburdens your liver. It affects your blood sugar levels as it directly affects your pancreas. It works in more than one way on your nervous, immune, and digestive systems, and it affects your mood. 

Maybe it is time to get help from a professional, or maybe it is time to assess yourself from the inside out and start seeing that beautiful soul that you are in the mirror, too.

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