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The Asanas: Yoga Postures to Stabilize Emotions

Once the practice of yoga is undertaken through the asanas, instinctively, the body and the mind begin to experience sensations of purification, well-being, elasticity, and strength. The thoughts are integrated with the will of realization, control of the corporal movements, the mind involving emotions and sensations, as well as the stimulation of the organism, nervous […]

Challenges Faced by Yoga Practicioners

Yoga is usually known to provide a person with relief and relaxation. It allows a person to calm their mind and body. Moreover, yoga is known to help with certain problems and helps people live healthier lifestyles. Practicing yoga can be quite advantageous to the human body, however, there are quite a few challenges that […]

The Eіght Mаіn Brаnсhеѕ Of Yоgа

The Eіght Mаіn Brаnсhеѕ of Yоgа

Yоgа mау seem lіkе іt’ѕ a bunch оf people stretching, perhaps іn a hot rооm that makes them ѕwеаt. Sо, іѕ іt only stretching? Iѕ іt weight lоѕѕ or ѕеt оf relaxation techniques? It is muсh mоrе than thеѕе f

Tips For Picking Suitable Yoga Apparel For Women

It is quite thrilling and a lot of fun to register for your first yoga class, particularly as a

Mantras for Yogis to Memorize

Mantras are so much more than repeated sounds and vibrations. They’re like mini meditations that transport your mind into a deeper meditative state and recon

Four Ways to Make Fall Neutrals Stand Out

Chances are that you tend to gravitate toward just a handful of colors when it comes to the primary pieces in your wardrobe. They may be some combin

What Spice You Could Not Live Without

Summertime calls for warm colors and spices. One that boasts both qualities is definitely turmer

The Ins and Outs of Yoga Mats

The rise of the yoga mat came in 1968 when renowned yoga teacher Angela Farmer ran into a piece of underlay from a carpet factory, which serendipitously became the solution to her medical condition of not being able to sweat from he

Beer Yoga: The Latest Yoga Trend

Imagine for a moment that instead of heading to your local pub for a bottle of beer with your buddies, you head to a yoga class for it. Better still, instead of just walking into the class and ordering a bottle or two, you ask the y